Walking With Scars

Brutal.. But does demonstrate that the closer you get to death you experience life.

Raw Earth Ink

with your hand around my throat and
my eyes fading
grey edges burning in and taking over
colors mute
and for a split second all becomes clear

you pour out all your wrath
and vehemence on my broken body
the cracks and fractures
and crushed windpipe
physical evidence
of your emotional maelstrom

spit and tobacco
flecks across my face
as you spew your impotency

I quit fighting a long time ago
because you overpower me every time
and I fear I will never break free
you may be physically strong
but you are mentally weak

a laugh bursts from my lips but
it sounds like a drowning gurgle

you may be able to break my body
but in my mind
I’ve stabbed you a thousand times
even as you shove implements of horror
(glass shards beneath my nails
and metal shavings in my feet
pushing your vile filth…

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